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Looking for ppl who speak english or spanish.

Hello im looking for some ppl who speak english to play with, of course i speak a little bit of portuguese but im not good at all , ive some brazilin friends who i play with, oubviously with that language but id like to find some ppl though, even if u speak spanish I speak that language tough , ive found some friends but i dont play with them.
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i Sagitaryus

Hope you find somebody 😞

ty x)

I speak a bit, but i only play on saturdays and sundays =/
If you want to add me you can do it 😃

You dont mind if i pick :Champion130: right? XD 

Hey mate, we can play some matches together, i'll add you and we can talk in-game later

Yo, at the moment I'm focused on farming the Trials event, so I'm playing more ARAM games. But I could play some flex too. It would be a nice opportunity to practice my english.

- Well / Thresh Indigno
Yandere Zoe

I speak a little bit but Im whitout PC right now. But ADD me, when i fix it we can play 🙂