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Singed Issues

This is going to be a long one and entirely necessary after soft-negligence from previous tickets sent. First of all thanks for time and consideration made into the support and overall nice replies I got. I'd like to report herein plenty of issues currently happening with Singed, both balance-wise and programming wise. First and foremost: the bug with his poison trail, that has been randomly losing damage and that happens quite frequently when playing him, this has been noticed in other DOT champions such as Lillia, and is yet to be fixed( this linked is a YouTube link to an in-depth explanation of this. I feel like for a multi-million dollar company, such negligence for such basic issues is really a bummer to the ever-so-loyal player base, I absolutely love the game and support it actively by hence sending this ticket! Second of all, Singed is one of the few characters that has got the short end of the stick for preseason: hasn't got any mana pool updates, or minor tweaks as any other champions has and is currently sitting at an insultingly low win rate of 45%! Besides that, any item changes haven't been any good, take mordekaiser for instance, he lost the rylais lyandris combo and found a home with riftmaker, that got nerfed, but in compensation got his numbers bumped up, whereas singed didn't have nearly the same treatment. As you can see by lol wiki( singed got lower base health at 18 than all ad carries, which is absolutely insane considering he is an ap bruiser that is meant to be played as a frontliner, which is completely unfair. As previously seem, even udyr , that had issues with numbers got extremely healthy buffs to his ratios, getting him on a balanced spot to be enjoyed and not completely broken. Singed hasn't seem any changes in a long time, whereas dominant champions in the top lane like camille that deals 700 true damage every empower Q and darius haven't seem any nerfs coming in a mater of months. For a champion that is supposed to hyper scale, he feels extremely weak, especially considering that he has plenty of counters and loses lane to almost every other top laner, even in cases that the other end outscales him( such as Gangplank!) I and so the entire community feel utterly disappointed with the mistreatment the champion has, and I hope that this in depth discussion brings some light to the balance team, I hope that as a company that seemingly supports the player base you can see it through and don't completely ignore all points made in this ticket( As they usually are). I hope that this helps you improve and make for a healthier game.:Champion97:

Adc vida loka

dude this is the brazil forum server, is not league support and most of the brazillians dont understand english.
Tapa de Trivela

@Adc vida loka , tu leu o nome dele? O cara é BR, relaxa kkkkk pode escrever em portugues... Ele só confundiu o lugar onde faz sugestão... Logo logo um adm move o tópico pra sub certa

num vi o nick.